Vedic Math

Vedic maths is viewed as a collection of several ancient techniques that help execute Arithmetic operations effectively. It has been said that vaidik ganit comes from the Vedas. The Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji revived it in the years 1911 and 1918. Further, he published the work in a book named Vedic Mathematics in 1965.

However, a person can think about Vedic maths applications in several areas. So let's have a glimpse at the same.

Applications of Vedic Maths

Vedic maths is considered an ancient technique that helps simplify divisibility, squaring, cubing, multiplication, square roots, recurring decimals, auxiliary fractions, cube roots, etc.

Well! At the same time, Vedic ganit offers several benefits like:

  • It helps to reduce the burden of students.
  • It assists the students in inaccurate guessing.
  • It lets the student learn a lot and reduces silly mistakes.
  • It acts as a magical tool to reduce finger counting and rough work.
  • It helps the students to make intelligent decisions to solve both complex and simple problems.
  • It helps to reduce the child's concentration and their determination to develop skills.
  • It is helpful for every class student.

Thus, Vedic mathematics made easy with some tricks. Besides this, it's the right approach to learn and sharpen the child's brain, which helps in enhancing performance and increasing mathematical resonating skills.

Learning By Topics

Mathematics - Vedic Math Online

Vedic maths classes play a significant role in every kid's life. It is viewed as a collection of tricks that assist in solving mathematical problems without any hassle. A kid can use these tricks in several areas like the theory of numbers, applications of Arithmetical computation, and mathematical & algebraic operations.

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Mathematics - Vedic Math For Kids

Vedic maths for Kids helps them to memorize the tables and formulas efficiently. On the other hand, it is the fastest way to know the Calculation. It helps to achieve Vedic tricks of Maths so that students can attain calculations fastly. Also, they can solve easy numeric sums of additions, subtractions, multiplication, and division.

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Mathematics - Vedic Math For Beginners

Vedic maths for beginners is a powerful technique that helps solve mathematical problems quickly compared to the conventional way. Vedic mathematics for beginners shows the basics of the technique, including memorizing simple formulae and knowing how to solve various types of problems with ease. Vedic Mathematics is not just for calculating magic numbers, but for any numbers.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths in Hindi

Vedic maths is continually growing in demand, and it is viewed as the only mental math method that is best for children and their Vedic maths learning. It aids in both mental and numerical abilities. Its methods are realistic as well as novel. However, if a student focuses on Vedic ganit in Hindi, they will get a good hold.

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Mathematics - Shakuntala devi Vedic Math

Shakuntala Devi Vedic maths could be a calculation system that has existed in the Republic of India for past decades. This nice ancient Indian treasure was discovered within the Vedas by the good thinker Sri Bharti avatar Tirthaji (1884 - 1960) between 1911 and 1918.

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Mathematics - Vedic Math in Telugu

Vedic Mathematics is a branch of ancient knowledge and wisdom from the Vedas, which are the Vedic texts. It is said that the Vedas describe the origins of Vedic mathematics in detail. Vedic Mathematics was popularised between 1911 and 1918 by the Vedic teacher Sri Tirthaji who formulated 16 principles and sub-principles for easy calculation.

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Mathematics - Use of Vedic Maths

Indian Mathematics is known as Vedic Maths. It consists of tricks and techniques that allow people to perform math operations faster and more efficiently.

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Mathematics - Advanced Vedic Mathematics

Vedic is derived from the root word Veda, which means knowledge. Vedic Maths book was written by an Indian monk, Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha. It was published in 1965.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths Learning

Vedic learning facilitates the learning of math because Vedic sutras provide many tricks and approaches. By using the Sutras as a framework, the child can conduct their own improvisation and develop their math sense. This program applies to everyone following their age group.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths for class 1

Oftentimes children don't like mathematics because understanding it is difficult, memorising formulas is difficult, and applying it to questions and getting good grades is more challenging.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths for Class 2

Vedic Maths was discovered in the mid-1900s by Jagadguru Shankaracharya Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths for class 3

Vedic Maths for class 3, the word comes from the Sanskrit word "Veda," which means "knowledge." Traditional calculations can be understood as solving mathematical problems from simple to complex quickly and easily.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths for class 4

Vedic maths requires a thorough understanding of all the basic concepts. By using these concepts, you will be able to calculate in a few quick steps, making the learning process easier. It refers to the past calculations of the Indian system.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths for class 5

Vedic maths is a concept that will involve the student in the studies. Sometimes, it becomes tedious for a student to do multiple calculations. But Vedic maths will allow him to get involved in the measures.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths Class 6

Vedic maths is an ancient concept that will teach several things to a student. Generally, maths is one of the subjects liked by a less proportionate number of students. It is due to the calculation part of the subject. But Vedic maths has improved the minds of the students. A student takes the calculation process, and the time to do the question has reduced. And it is because of Vedic maths.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths Class 7

Vedic maths is a concept that will allow a student to do the calculations in his mind. There is no need to write the formulas on the sheet. Such a method will help the students in their exams. They can save their time by doing calculations from the methods of Vedic maths. Like it seems magic to the problems, it will automatically get the solution.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths Class 8

Vedic mathematics is called Vedic because of its origin from Vedas. It originated from the fourth Vedas, i.e., "Atharva Veda". Atharva Veda deals with the multiple branches of science like Engineering, Mathematics, and all other sciences.

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Mathematics - Vedic Maths for class 9

Vedic maths is a brilliant concept that will make the student confident and intelligent in maths. Such a concept will also remove the phobia of maths from the mind of the students. And students will start loving the subject maths from their mind.

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Mathematics - Vedic Mathematics Class 10

The Vedic mathematics for Class 10 is derived from its origin Vedas. The Veda is a Sanskrit word meaning to know without limit. Therefore, it covers all Veda-Sakhas that are known as humanity.

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