Mathematics - Subtraction

Subtraction intends to take something from the group. In other words, it interacts to eliminate the thing from several things. It is also referred to as Minuend or Subtrahend.

Whenever you take away a sum from it, it decreases. The part that is left after the Subtraction is a difference. Whenever we write a subtraction equation, we use two symbols. These are - and = and the symbol of Subtraction is -.

How to perform Subtraction?

Addition and Subtraction is performed in a similar way. Either by counting or by using the number line.

Let us take an example:

Neha has eight chocolates, and Reena has four chocolates. What is the difference?

At first, start with a small number, i.e. 4 and then count the larger number, i.e. 8.

5 (1), 6 (2), 7 (3), 8 (4)

Neha has 4 more chocolates than Reena; the difference in chocolates is 4.

So, 8-4 = 4.

Be careful with Signs and Order in Subtraction.

Whenever we play out a subtraction, we need to take extra care with the numbers' order. With the subtraction of Integers, we write the number we are subtracting and the numbers we are removing in any order after that.

For example:

6 − 3 = 3

This isn't equivalent to 3 − 6 = −3

We can see that we have the same mathematical answer (3), but that its worth is extraordinary: 3 in the first calculation, however minus 3 (−3) in the second.

Also, 6 - 3 - 3 = 0, yet 3 − 6 − 3 = −6, which is a totally different answer.

The answers are different because we have put the numbers in the ‘wrong’ order, but because we have not taken care to notice, whether they are positive or negative.