Mathematics for Class 1

Maths is an interesting subject, and it is packed with exciting transitions that each child plays in preschool and builds their academic skills. Class 1 maths help the child enhance their cognitive skills, and the creative activities help boost thinking capacities in the child. Grade 1 math is essential for young minds, and the kids get introduced to simple addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, number patterns and shapes. Math 1 teaches your children daily real-life interactions.

What Are the Math Skills to teach kids?

  • Patterns: Patterns are all about shapes, numbers, and images repeating logically. First grade math helps the children make predictions to understand what comes next to make logical connections.
  • Measurement: Measurement helps the child to identify the short or large number, a significant or smaller number, near or far.
  • Number Sense: It is the ability of a student that accurately counts.
  • Estimation: This makes a good guess whether the number lies between the two numbers or greater or less than the other number.
  • Problem Solving: This helps the year 1 maths child to understand more than one way to answer.

Besides this, 1st grade math activities and games help the kids.

  • To promote multiple solution paths.
  • To boost maths reasoning and critical thinking.
  • To strengthen Kids oral and written communication skills.
  • To increase opportunities for developing perseverance.