Mathematics - Trignometry

Trigonometry is an important concept in Mathematics, and it is one of the important branches of Mathematics history. The study of angular relationships of 3D figures is known as Trigonometry. Several trigonometric functions come under Trigonometry class 11. It is all about internal angles, i.e. 90°.

Trigonometric Identities:

This is where a few trigonometric functions form a triangle side ratio. The functions consist of different identities that remove the relationship between different trig functions.

Around six functions come under Trigonometry. Let us briefly discuss it.

Six important functions of Trigonometry

Sine Functionsin
Cosine Functioncos
Tangent Functiontan
Cotangent Functioncot
Secant Functionsec
Cosecant Functioncosec

Trigonometry Table

Below are some of the things that come under the Trigonometry Table i.e.

Sin θ0½1/√2√3/21
Cos θ1√3/21/√2½0
Tan θ01/√31√3
Cot θ√311/√30
Sec θ12/√3√22
Cosec θ2√22/√31

Applications of Trigonometry

Trigonometry is applied in several fields like Physical science, Astronomy, Navigation, Oceanography, Meteorology, and trigonometry class 10. It is also useful to measure the mountain's height, find the distance of a long river, etc. There is a wide variety of practical applications in Trigonometric functions used to find out the angles of the triangle and the missing sides.

Why Do I Need Trigonometry?

This is a thoughtful question, and it has a partial answer. This is because those who decide the Mathematics curriculum in several countries think you should know of it.

It is said to be the essential mathematical relationship ever discovered when it comes to Introduction to trigonometry.

Triangle is one of the best and simple forms found in nature and has particular importance. However, whenever we start to think about the application where we consider the accurate distance, it is clear that there are several systems like structural engineering, satellite system, graphic design, etc.

Several ones rely on this measurement technique called Triangulation. This applies to the concepts of Trigonometry.

Important Notes on Trigonometry

Some trigonometric values are based on several trigonometric ratios like Sin, Cos and Tan.

  • Sine or sin θ = Side opposite to θ / Hypotenuse
  • Cosines or cos θ = Adjacent side to θ / Hypotenuse
  • Tangent or tan θ =Side opposite to θ / Adjacent side to θ

0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° are called the standard angles in trigonometry.

The trigonometry ratios of Cosθ, Secθ are even functions, since Cos(-θ) = Cosθ, Sec(-θ) = Secθ.