Mathematics - PreCalculus

Precalculus is a curriculum intended to serve students for Calculus, both in high school or college. Now, calculus reflects how things evolve; hence, Precalculus aims to allow students to manage rigorous and dynamic concepts by relating their previous knowledge from Algebra and Geometry.

Pre-Calculus is split into two main sections: Trigonometry and Math Analysis.

Why is precalculus hard?

Precalculus, a mixture of trigonometry and math study, spans the gap to calculus, but it can seem like a blend of ideas. Students should need to remember much material and remember various theories from their previous math classes.

For example, students are propelled into the world of radians and angles with very little training because they were temporarily forced to trigonometry years earlier in their geometry course.

What was learned in geometry is inadequate or a distant memory for most students, giving many feelings as if they are getting a foreign concept with little to no experience.

Consequently, some students have a sheer learning curve upon starting pre-cal and will seem like they are swimming in uncharted waters for a while.

Most students recognize that math study is "simpler" than trigonometry simply as it is easy. It can come with its personal set of difficulties, as concepts are more complicated, and students are required to appear at the right answer and give proper reasoning and philosophy.