Mathematics - Geometry

Basic geometry is a type of mathematics that deals with shapes and figures. With Geometry, you can get a knowledge of basic shapes. How to draw them, measure them and compare them.

It is important to remember every detail regarding Geometry. Let us discuss some of them below:

Points, Lines and Angles

They are the basic terms of Geometry. We consider a point as an object that has no length. We represent it as a Dot.

  • A-Line is the object that does not have any particular end direction. We consider it as an Arrowhead.
  • A-Line segment signifies the part of a line that consists of two endpoints.
  • Angles are measured in Degrees. We call the right angle 90 degrees, and if the angle is smaller than the right angle, it is considered as an acute angle.


A Polygon is a figure that is formed when we join the two-line segment. A Polygon that has three sides is called a Triangle. Each triangle has its different name depending on the function.


The circle comes in the category of those geometrical shapes, which have curves. This is one of the most familiar shapes. All the parts on the side of a circle are the same distance from the center. We call distance a radius. The diameter is the distance over a circle within the center.

In addition, geometry math consists of several shapes called by various names and plays a great role in Maths.