Mathematics - Money

In simple terms, Money is referred to as a medium of exchange, just like Coins, Notes and demand deposits. It is used to pay for the services and the commodity. The value or price of an item or service is paid for using money. A Rupee is the official currency of India, which is represented as a symbol (₹).

Let us proceed further to identify the Money.

As you all know, Money comes in different sizes and shapes. You will get it in the form of Paper and Metal. All the different money units accompany different values that you can use to pay for the different things. The size of it does not count. The thing that matters is the denomination of money. People generally take these simple facts for granted; they are precisely the things that are problematic for the children.

What is money for?

You exchange money for anything like a new game or tickets to the movie. You have to make decisions about how to earn, pay, and keep it. When you choose, you give up one thing in exchange for another thing that you want. Consider counting money when you go to the movies, and decide whether to attend which movie. If you choose to use your cash on the movie, you give up the chance to see the other movie. Money can be used on varieties of things like food or paying for a house. It is up to you how you are spending money.