Mathematics - Addition

Addition refers to the putting of two or more quantities together. It is denoted by the sign "+." We take two numbers and add them together, or it is a sum of two or more numbers that we call addition sums.

Addition for Kids

All the Kids need to understand how we can put together two quantities that refer to addition with regrouping.

  • You, as a child, can perform the addition of integers with real-life objects like Pencil, Pen, and Chocolates.
  • Use math manipulations like Abacus, Rods, and Blocks that help to perform addition.
  • With the help of rods, flats, you can observe how the procedure works with large numbers.

Addition sentence

It's a kind of Mathematical expression that shows more than two values or addition facts. It also creates a Sum.

We can write a mathematical expression for 4 plus 5 equals 9.

The number that is added is called Addend, while the answer to addition is Sum.

Ordering in Addition with a single-digit

Whenever we change the order of two or more numbers, the answer remains the same.

4+5 = 9 and 5+4=9

Addition with two-digit numbers without carrying

While adding the two-digit number, we have to add one's place digit first and then ten's place digits.

E.g., 1

12+14 =?

Add the digits in one's place (2+4 = 6)

Add the digits in ten's place (1+1 = 2)

Place the one's place digits in one's place and the ten's place digits in ten's place.