Mathematics for Class 5

Mathematics is a primary subject that every student needs to study. Reaching class 5th subsequent to crossing the class 4th is like crossing a major bridge, and getting familiar with the subject as 5th class Maths is essential. In class 5, understanding the fundamental concepts is relatively easy. Grade 5 math builds up the logical and reasoning skills of students. After taking in-depth knowledge of class 5 maths, students can learn simple maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, etc.

Benefits of Class 5 Mathematics

5th grade math is now becoming important in every student's life, and it offers several benefits to the students.

  1. Students can learn time management by studying about seconds, time, hours, day, and months in fifth grade math.
  2. Mathematics for class 5 helps the student respond quickly to the numbers and improve their fundamental skills.
  3. It let the student understand how to solve problems quickly.
  4. It helps the children to excel in year 5 maths.

A student should focus on conceptual learning, which helps get a good score in class 5 maths. Besides this, a student can play maths games and watch practical maths lessons to develop mathematical skills.

Major Mathematics concepts for grade 5

As you know, after passing classes, your Mathematic concept also becomes more advanced, as in the case when you jump from grade 4 to 5th-grade math. The better you will understand the mathematical concept, the better you will solve the complex mathematics question.

Given below are some of the major mathematical concepts that you will learn in class 5 maths:

Number System

In class five maths, students focus on advanced level adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. These are some of the basic understanding that every class five student should have, as these things will help them in the sixth grade. Once your child obtains fluency in solving these numbers and understanding the real relation between them, they will not face higher classes.


As you know, mathematical concepts are very easy only if you understand them step-by-step. If you skip any of the steps and start moving to the next step, it might affect you in higher classes. For example, suppose if you do not understand fractions and decimals in fifth grade and when you move to 6 grade, you have to use these basic math concepts to evaluate the ratio problems, which would not be possible without a basic understanding.


The geometry portion is also one of the major concepts of mathematics. By learning the geometrical concepts, the student can easily determine the figures depending on the properties. For example, in class five maths, your child will learn how to find quadrilaterals and the area of triangles.