Abacus for Kidz

Abacus for Kids plays a great role in a student's life. Students that come in the category of 4 to 13 years of age should learn this method. This method is based on Mental maths, and the students need to learn.

How to make your Kids Learn Abacus?

Children’s Abacus comes with several methods, and some of the simple approaches are shared as under:

The Match My Move Method

  • Before starting to take a position on the Abacus and accordingly, put all the beads on the same row and put all the beads on the same side.
  • Always start from the top and further move the beads to the opposite side frame and keep in mind that your child looks at the move like they are moving the beads.
  • Once your kid follows your steps, you can help them learn the same and move the same beads in the equal row.

Make it Interesting

  • Keep in mind to make the abacus classes for kids interesting not to let them get bored. You can change the beads you move and change the direction at every step.
  • Ensure to make slow moves to let your child follow. Else, they will lose interest in the same. You can also count the beads like one, two, three etc.

Learning By Topics

Mathematics - What is Abacus

Abacus is hardware that is used to perform arithmetic calculations. We call it a Counting frame. The calculation of the Abacus was invented during ancient times and is used as a brain development game these days. It also holds a rectangular frame that possesses several vertically arranged rods. Beads slide on these rods in an up and down way.

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Mathematics - Abacus Mathematics

Abacus Mathematics helps the students in several ways. One method is to count the numbers with hands and fingers. The abacus was invented creatively, and it is used in several countries across the world.

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Mathematics - Use of Abacus

The use of Abacus is in several forms like Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication. Here, we have discussed all methods briefly.

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Mathematics - Abacus in Computer

Maths plays the most important role in our daily lives, as it consists of studying relationships, properties, and measurement through the set of numbers. As of now, multiple tools have been introduced to practise mathematics and computation, but the Abacus in Computer is one of the oldest and most effective tools in the calculation of values.

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Mathematics - Abacus in India

The Abacus India is a tool for children to enhance their mathematical skills and helps them do calculations in a matter of seconds. The program is beneficial to children of 5-13 years of age.

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Mathematics - Abacus UCMAS

Abacus UCMAS is a mathematical educational program created to upgrade the mental capacity of children. UCMAS stands for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System.

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Mathematics - Chinese Abacus

The Chinese Abacus is also known as Suanpan, and it originates from China. It is made of hardwood and is usually about 20 cm tall with different widths.

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Mathematics - Abacus Online

Abacus online is here to add more fun to the process of learning abacus with more accurate and impressive outcomes. It is nothing but learning abacus virtually through an online medium. It helps make learning educational and enjoyable at the same time.

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Mathematics - First Abacus

The early stages of life are the best times to learn new things, as young brains can quickly learn things. The things we learn as children like tables, numbers, and alphabets are mostly never forgotten even in the future. The first abacus teaches students the fundamentals of mathematics and how to perform it effectively.

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Mathematics - Types of Abacus

Abacus is a device used to perform mathematical calculations. It was invented ages back and kept changing with time, resulting in different types of Abacus. The abacus kit is usually a combination of beads and strings within a wooden frame. The beads are movable up and down to calculate.

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Mathematics - Proactive Abacus

Proactive abacus assists students in enhancing their problem-solving abilities and brainpower through brain activation and development. With a training program, students can carry out calculations without requiring any external medium.

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Mathematics - Soroban Abacus

Soroban abacus originated from Japan and were adapted from Chinese abacuses. By increasing students' mathematical speed and accuracy, this tool assists them in excelling in mathematics. A student adept at this abacus can perform mental calculations comparable to those performed on a calculator.

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Mathematics - Abacus for Beginners

The abacus enhances arithmetic skills and intensifies the brainpower in students. Every student skilled in abacus performs far better than a regular student. The abacus for beginners teaches abacus to students who are new to abacus and are not aware of its usage.

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Mathematics - Ancient Abacus

The Ancient abacus is a device used for doing mathematical operations in ancient times, even before the emergence of the Arabic Numerical Systems, and was used in the ancient Near East, Europe, China, and Russia.

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Mathematics - Virtual Abacus

The virtual abacus helps students to pursue the courses from anywhere without the requirement of a physical classroom. The students are taught abacus with a visual method of solving arithmetic problems and equations.

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Mathematics - Maats Abacus

The Maats abacus is an Indian company that conducts various state, national, and international competitions in the abacus. Maats stands for Mental Arithmetic and Abacus All India Talent Search. These open competitions are conducted for students to expose their talents and to find experts in abacus.

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Mathematics - Abacus Examples

An abacus is a tool consisting of beads strung on strings and is used to do arithmetic calculations easily. We can perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even the square root. The abacus has two sections separated by a horizontal bar. The upper portion has a single bead, and the lower compartment has four. The abacus example includes a bead counting toy used by a kid.

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Mathematics - Roman Abacus

The ancient Romans designed the Roman abacus in the first century BC. They used it to perform fast arithmetical operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The abacus was made of a metal plate with one bead in the upper section and four beads in the lower portion. They used the beads for calculating. The dust abacus, the line abacus, and the grooved abacus are the three types of Roman abacus.

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Mathematics - Abacus for Class 1

Mathematics is a subject that most students detest and is often considered complex. It is often the subject students fail due to carelessness, lack of time, or poor understanding.

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Mathematics - Abacus for Class 2

Mathematics is a subject that requires cautiousness and intelligibility to score marks. Most students find it tough to solve complicated problems and are unable to understand the concepts.

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Mathematics - Abacus for Class 3

Scoring in Mathematics is always a challenging task. Even after thorough practice, children tend to lose marks due to carelessness and improper understanding. As the grades keep increasing, the complexity also increases. But maths can become the easiest if learned through an abacus.

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Mathematics - Abacus for Class 4

The abacus is used to make the maths calculation easy and quick. The students will also generate and improve their confidence by calculating in a minimum time. Generally, the Abacus is classified into two several parts,i.e., one is upper, and the other is lower.

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Mathematics - Abacus for Class 5

The abacus will allow a student to do the calculations on his fingers. After listening to a problem, the student's mind will automatically start doing the calculations, and he will solve the problem within a minimum time.

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