Mathematics - Fraction

Fraction is a part of the whole number that also helps in splitting the number into equal parts. A fraction for kids represents a small piece of a whole, and it is written as the number of equal parts being counted, which is called Numerator, and the whole parts of it, which is called Denominator. A line separates this number, and it is an addition and subtraction of fractions.

Different parts of a fraction.

A Fraction generally consists of 3 parts. These are:

  1. A Numerator that you will find above the bar.
  2. A Denominator that you will find below the bar.
  3. The Vinculum that separates the two numbers in the bar.

Numerator and Denominator

The Numerator and the Denominator are the two parts that play a significant role in writing the Fraction. When we talk of the numerator, it represents how many parts you have. While, when we talk of Denominators, it represents how the whole parts are divided. The Numerator generally represents unit fractions over the Denominator and a line between them.

Types of Fractions

There are overall three types of Fractions:

  1. Proper Fraction - A Proper fraction means the Numerator is less than the Denominator. Moreover, it is always less than one.
  2. Improper Fraction - In Improper fraction, the numerator is greater than the denominator. It is always greater than one.
  3. Mixed Fraction - A Mixed fraction had both a whole number part and a fractional part.