Mathematics - BODMAS

BODMAS stands for Bracket of Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. We calculate the expressions as per the BODMAS rule. It means which specific activity to tackle first. The second preference in BODMAS is given to the exponents and orders (xn). Later, we perform arithmetic operations (÷, ×, + -). BODMAS is called BIDMAS, which means (Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction) or BEDMAS (where E stands for Exponents). The preference in BODMAS sum is given to the Brackets, i.e. “[, {, (), }, ]”.

What Is the BODMAS Rule?

In general, BODMAS is an acronym for solving arithmetic expressions with multiple operations of various types. These types are as follows:

  • From the start, the expressions within the brackets (), {}, [] are to be solved independently of the operators inside the brackets.
  • Then, the square roots and numbers with powers are to be solved. The O in BODMAS represents the Order.
  • At that point, we should tackle the division operation, trailed by multiplication, addition, and ultimately, subtraction.

Let us understand it with an example.

Consider the following expression:

a – (b – c) + d x e ÷ f

We have to solve this Bodmas math in the following order or sequence:

  1. Bracket: First, we need to find the value of (b – c) inside the bracket. Suppose, it has A, i.e. (b – c) = A.
  2. Division: Then we need to find the estimation of e ÷ f. suppose, it is B, i.e. e ÷ f = B.
  3. Multiplication: The resultant value, B is to be multiplied by d. Suppose, B x d = C.
  4. Addition: Now, we need to add the result of (b – c) A to C. Let the outcome be D.
  5. Subtraction: Now, we need to take away D from A to arrive at the correct answer.

Easy Ways to Remember BODMAS Rules

BODMAS stands for Bracket of Division Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. To know how to remember mathematics BODMAS, keep in mind to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, you need to simplify brackets.
  2. Solve all exponential terms in BODMAS in mathematics.
  3. Accordingly, perform Division or Multiplication (go from Left to right).
  4. Then, perform addition or subtraction (go from Left to right).

Common Errors While Using the BODMAS exercises

Sometimes students perform errors when applying the BODMAS rule. This will help simplify the errors and expressions as shared below:

  • Sometimes, the presence of multiple brackets creates confusion that leads to getting a wrong answer.
  • An error occurs in several cases due to a lack of understanding of subtraction and addition. For e.g. 1-5+2 = -4+2 = -2. However, if you simplify it like this, 1-5+2 = 1-7= -6, the answer is wrong here.

Both division and Multiplication should be performed in Left to right sequence, and if one solves division first before Multiplication, the answer that a student will get will be wrong. Therefore, BODMAS means following a proper sequence from D to S is necessary to get the correct answer.